Wednesday, October 23, 2013

circulating syncopated surfing ring

Today is October Twenty-Third, Two Thousand and Thirteen 
                                        10/23, 2013  
another uncommon date, unusual due to the fact that the month and day are permuations of the year, and one of seven total that occur during 2013.   

Here are some photos of my latest whacky educational/entertaining/exercise routine, the circulating syncopated surfing ring. 

Twelve surfers move counterclockwise around the ring, symbolizing the alternating cycle between paddling out to catch a wave (done by dancing along on the blue hexagonal balance cushions) and then surfing in on the black and white surf keyboards.

The modified (surf)keyboard in the middle is meant to be played by foot tapping, one note at a time by one person, which will then sound the bass line, the root of a chord whose other harmonizing notes (e.g. a major 3rd and a perfect 5th above the root) come from the other surfers who produce the appropriate accompanying harmonious tones from among the twelve chromatically-tuned (C, C#, etc) colored tubes that are called boom whackers.

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