Friday, November 27, 2009

What's implusive pillow pilates?

impulsive pillow pilates is an experimental rhythm game to improve your balance and dexterity as you listen to your own music selections.

It requires that you have an impulsive pillow, which is an exercise ball to which an iPhone or iPod Touch has been securely fastened. Velcro usually functions well in this capacity.

The objective is to make the impulsive pillow sound like a shekere by scoring goals with rhythmic accuracy combined with your own imaginative style of movement.

Goals are scored by rolling the ball onto a currently lit arrow, thereby producing a pulse of light and sound upon contact.

Good timing and coordination will generate a steady groove that makes exercising fun yet endlessly challenging.

Add variety to your workout by using it with an Indo Board, a BOSU Balance Trainer, a wobble board, or any other core stability exercise equipment. Just be sure to watch your step, and of course, consult a physician if you have any doubt regarding your ability to exert yourself and have fun while performing gyrations.

Imagine playing hacky sack with an overstuffed DDR mat that you nudge towards, instead of kick way from, the earth.

Get together with friends and organize a "pillow polygon" formation, kind of like a drum circle.

Not recommended for use while surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, kayaking, cycling, hang-gliding or awaiting rescue onboard a life raft.

levels (LE version 1.1)
  • level 0 - Each turn provides a choice of four lit arrows at which to aim, thus providing the potential for faster and peak freestyle footwork. It can also be played without having to look down, since a player simply has to alternate between any choice from the set {red, green, blue, white} followed by any choice from the set {cyan, magenta, yellow, black}
  • level 1 - Each turn provides a choice of three lit arrows at which to aim. Just like level 0, it can also be played "blindfolded" once the player recognizes the underlying pattern of choices that are being generated.
  • level 2 - Each turn provides a choice of two lit arrows at which to aim, thus greater accuracy is necessary to score each goal.

The iPod touch is attached to this wobble board using a little velcro patch.

Note the headphone extension cable that provides ample length to run from foot to head.

Here's a brief video demonstrating the newly emerging sport of BOSUrfing

Here is a pattern dreamt while sleep(walk)ing upon an impulsive pillow: