Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Pod Calypso: An Atypical Tropical Troupe

Wednesday, January 23 2013 is a rather uncommon date, in that the four digits for the month / day are
0 1 / 2 3 which is a permutation (in sorted order) of the digits of the year, 2 0 1 3.

This year there will be six other uncommon dates, (i.e. permutations of 2013) on

    02/13  the thirteenth of February
             03/12  the twelfth of March
                       03/21 the twenty-first of March
                                10/23 the twenty-third of October
                                         12/03 the third of December and
                                                  12/30 the thirtieth of December
bringing the total number of uncommon dates in 2013 to seven.

Since today is already quite unordinary, it seems appropriate for the atypical tropical troupe called "A Pod Calypso" to make its debut.

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